Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Webbing Problems

PVA Glue Application for Felt Cuirass
I ran into some trouble reproducing the effect I had achieved earlier in my test samples. The type of webbing I bought is different from that which I was working with previously. The webbing I applied to a few felt sections is much finer, thinner and produced a flat consistent surface. As a result the glue application soaked right into the webbing and underlying layer of felt producing a smooth stiffened surface. I thought, well that’s beautiful and will work wonderfully for some armor pieces, but not this one. I now have to reapply the webbing with the heavier, irregular, non-paper-backed variety. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind it is exactly so I can’t get more. I should have enough of this in stock though thanks to raiding my mom’s closet.

The glue was also a problem. In my materials tests I had been using an old bottle of elmer’s. As a result the glue was thicker than the new bottle I am now using. I found that if I use a combination of elmer’s and tacky glue I get the consistency I need so that the glue will puddle on the surface where the webbing is thicker. Too much elmer’s and it all soaks into the felt. Too much tacky glue and it all stays on the surface. This has turned out to be a much more delicate process than I had originally anticipated but at least I now know how to reproduce the intended effect.

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