Monday, March 2, 2009

Completed Masks

Completed Mask

Brother's Broken Mask
We had a snow day at school today (YATA!) which means I was able to put in a good 7 hours in the studio today. It was wonderful. I wish I could do it again tomorrow.
I was able to finish both commissioned masks. The second mask is a smaller, broken, mirror image of the first that belonged to the brother of the main character in the film. It is a hand prop rather than a costume prop so it took a little less time to create. With a few rag-brushed layers of acrylics and some added details they are both complete. It’s great to be done early.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mask: Surface Treatment

Paper Mache Mask
The fitted mask is coming along now. The paper mache is not entirely dry yet as it is about 8 layers. However, I was able to demold it and start working on finishing the surface. I’ve spackled and sealed the surface so it’s ready for painting and detail work. As soon as it’s fully dry I’ll be able to seal the inside. Now to start the second mask.