Monday, June 2, 2014

Who wouldn't want to be HawkGirl!

I have received many inquiries about HawkGirl wings, the answer is Yes, I can make them. One cosplayer decided to go all out and get the fullest, largest set of Fixed Frame HawkGirl wings I could give her. The result was a pair of wings I'd have loved to keep.

danielle hurley design TruWings Hawk Girl Wings
"HawkGirl" Wings, 54" Fixed Frame, X-tra Full, Two-Tone Grey

This pair of wings differs from the previous 54" models in that it has more layers of faux feathers. I offer three different faux feather options called "styles": Basic, Full and X-tra Full. This pair of wings is an X-tra Full model, boasting 3 layers of faux feathers for really filled out looking wings. 

danielle hurley design TruWings Hawk Girl Wings

These wings are based on an older version of HawkGirl comics. They would also be perfect for a Weeping Angel costume....hmm I see some possible plans for the future. Marbelized effect anyone?

danielle hurley design TruWings Hawk Girl Wings Weeping Angel

Monday, May 26, 2014

Harris Hawk

So we've seen the "Paladin" but what about some variations?

I had the opportunity to produce three pairs of wings patterned after a Harris Hawk.

It was quite a challenge to tackle the paint job on this set, as each feather had to be individually painted before being set in place, but the results were worth the effort.  

danielle hurley design TruWings Harris Hawk Costume Wings
"Harris Hawk" Wings, 60" Fixed Frame

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bigger is Better

And we are back at it folks, with more wings; bigger and better than ever before. So here starts the round custom ordered wings I'm digging up from the archives. 

danielle hurley design TruWings Paladin Costume Wings
The "Paladin" 54" tall Fixed Frame Wings
First up, "The Paladin"
These wings are the most basic layout available for 54" tall wings. (54" being the tallest I can ship non-freight) They are essentially the super large version of the very popular "Sentinel" wings. These wings are still one of my favorite designs to date. 

danielle hurley design TruWings Paladin Wings

The best part is they are durable enough to run around in and they, like all my wings, are ultra light weight. In fact, the thermoplastic harness weighs more than the wing themselves.

danielle hurley design TruWings Paladin Wings

I am happy to reproduce these wings upon request.