Friday, October 16, 2009

The Cuirass: Drafting

Cuirass Sketches
I decided to begin the valkyrie project with the cuirass, which in this case is still a corset style, but does not lace up like a corset. The final look will be that of plated metal rather than leather which is more typical for a cuirass. I began the process with a series of sketches. When I came to a design I liked, something form-fitting, edgy but still practical for moving in, I started drafting the pieces with a paper model. Having a duct tape double of myself has made drafting and fitting the plates much, much easier. I recommend making a duct tape double to anyone who makes a lot of clothing/costuming for themself.
Cuirass Paper Model


  1. I recommend having a friend nearby to help you get *out* of the duct tape double... :-)

  2. ...and to help with the taping too. It is not possible to tape your own back, shoulders and neck since you want the double to have your natural posture.