Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Days Remaining

Rectangular Foam Capital
With only three days left until opening night for “Joyful Noise,” we’re going to be very busy in the woodshop. The rectangular foam capitals are close to being complete; with little more to do than some detail work and a paint job.

Round Foam Capitals
As of last Thursday, the round capitals were in the process of being foamed out. Over the next few days I’ll have to design and carve them, and considering the time constraints they may not be as intricate as the rectangular capitals.


The archway and the pediment are well underway. Surface details are being applied to the pediment and are soon to be applied to the archway. The floor needs to be painted and a few props need completed, then we’ll be underway. It looks like for the next three days my senior thesis is going to have to go on the backburner a bit.

Lesser Coverts

This weekend I hope to be able to work extensively on my thesis piece. I need to finish painting the acetate for both sets of feathers, and complete the other set of lesser coverts before I can move on to the mechanics.

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