Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fourth Quad

Fourth quad has been keeping me exceptionally busy, as such I’ve quite a backlog of work to post, so here we go.

Pediment Technical Draft

Production for “Joyful Noise” is now in full swing. The show goes up in just a few weeks and there’s plenty of work to do. At the start of production I was asked to create the technical drafts for a few scenic elements including a hanging pediment and an archway. Since I was in charge of the drafting I also assisted in overseeing the construction of the pediment and arch.

Foam Capitals

Additionally I have been asked to spearhead the building of four capitals to be mounted on columns under the arch and pediment. Each is to be carved out of Dow foam. It’s a long process and the design has been somewhat modified along the way, but the results are pleasing, well worth the extra effort.

Sintra Feathers Layout

My senior thesis project is coming along nicely, pretty much exactly on schedule. Leo is helping to acquire a motor I can use to animate the wings. In the meantime I’ve been plugging along, cutting, painting and gluing lots of feathers. I’ve got my process down for each component of the sculpture so now it’s just a matter of putting in the hours and cranking out the pieces.

Mailer Design
I’ve also completed the design for the postcards I am to send out before the show. I should have them in hand within two weeks.

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