Friday, November 13, 2009

Valkyrie: Skirt Design Progress

Asymmetrical Skirt Sketches

I’m closer now to a skirt design that suits the Valkyrie character. Switching to an asymmetrical design added more interest instantly, plus I think the drape will be considerably more elegant and much less like curtain drapery. I’ve pretty much thrown out the idea of fish-scale armor completely; it made the design feel too “mermaidy.” I’m toying with the idea of including some asymmetrical/ broken off chainmail instead, but it seems likely this will be edited out later. I will definitely want belts and bands throughout the piece and have played around with them in sketches. When it comes to construction though, the belts will be assembled randomly depending on what I manage to scavenge.

I’ve yet to come up with a way to make the belt work appear truly functional as opposed to merely decorative. It isn’t fitting for a post apocalyptic warrior to be wearing a whole lot of decorative pieces (the Costume is about the Character). The only true decoration in the costume should be remnants from pre-apocalyptic periods particularly Nordic Dark Ages and Early Renaissance Design. I think that I can get away with using the belts as "holsters" for ammo and/or projectile weaponry and, in some areas, for "added protection". I’ll have to work with it more when the time comes. As for the assemblage of junk and scrap metal that will constitute a good portion of this costume, I’m getting away with saying it functions as protective armor. (even though it will be elaborate, eye-catching and primarily for effect)

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