Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween: The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death, Salem MA
On October 30th I attended the Official Salem Witches’ Ball in Salem MA for the purpose of entering the costume contest. I went in my Angel of Death: Version 2009 costume. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring the matching scythe that I made especially for this costume. On the other hand, the replacement prop lantern that I brought turned out to be quite a hit. The lantern was also more “crowd-friendly” and as a whole worked out better for the environment I was in than the scythe would have. I won first place in the costume contest at the ball and am already planning on going again next year. Sadly, my wings were broken by the crowds of Salem on Halloween night. Next year I’ll be wearing something more durable that can withstand the pushy crowds. I’ll also need to go downtown much earlier in the day. It’s just too packed out at night and large/delicate costumes are in constant danger.
More pictures will be coming soon.

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