Monday, November 30, 2009

Gabriel's Angel Wings

Wire Wing Form with Turkey Feathers

This year for Christmas my local church is presenting the story of Christ’s birth through music and drama. I’ve volunteered to help with the production as much as my tight schedule will allow, taking on projects one at a time. To start, I’m making the wings for Gabriel and the choir of angels (a small ensemble of 6 children). It took some time to make Gabriel’s wings, but fortunately I already had all the supplies I needed on hand.

Beginning with some scrap chicken-wire and some heavier gauge wire I made simple understructure that I could glue and tie everything to. I covered this with fabric that had a couple rows of turkey plums sewn in place. For the major coverts I simply glued some turkey quills in place. Glue will do since the production is soon and will only run once. For a longer show I would have glued and sewn the feathers in place.

Wings with Primary and Lesser Coverts

Some scraps of turkey feather boas were used to the lesser coverts. Then I attached the primaries that I had made. To my great fortune I was able to make the call that these wings will be static, not articulated. Therefore, I was able to use a rigid wire understructure and, only needed to make a couple primary feathers to achieve the look of a full pair of wings. All that’s left to do is find some gold rope to use as a harness.

Gabriel's Wings Completed

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