Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mae West

Mae West Photo Album

As in any occupation, some projects are more exciting than others. For the production of "Dirty Blonde" I had quite a bit of fun making the mannequin heads, but then found myself working on a rather tedious project. We needed a scrapbook of Mae West, one that looked like it was overflowing with photos and news clippings and the like. Such a simple project but so time consuming. It turned out great, but no one who looks at it would know how much work it actually is to make something look like a random accumulation of junk from years of collecting.

Aged Sheet Music

On the side, I aged some sheet music to look like it had been sitting the basement for a number of years. Again, it was a very simple project, but a bit more fun than the scrapbook.

1 comment:

  1. That scrap-book looks great--very real.

    I wish my real scrapbooks were so nice. ^)^

    ~ Bethany Powell