Friday, June 12, 2009

Hangar Theatre: Mannequin Heads

Room View

This summer I've been working as an intern in the props department at Hangar Theatre, Ithaca NY. I'm one of three people in props, and so far the position has been working out well. I've had quite a bit of freedom with a few projects, and am really enjoying the fact that the type of work I do varies from day to day. I can see myself staying in props for a little while yet, but I am still planning on moving my way into special effects costuming.

Mannequin Heads

The first project I had was a set of tree mannequin heads for our first show of the season, "Dirty Blonde." I dressed the heads with a few layers of gel medium, and modeling paste over nylon. I also helped with the assembly of the bases and added a wood grain.

Unfortunately the heads were cut from the show after I had already finished them after two days of work. They look great though, especially the one that is now holding my hats in my room.

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