Monday, April 30, 2012

Yes, Faux Feathers! Yes!

 Finally, I've managed to come up with a way to make faux feathers that I am just about completely satisfied with. I'm still keeping the specifics under wraps but the gist of it is such: I've switched from fabric to foam.

The results are:
1. Saved Time by Not laminating with glues or epoxies and waiting for the multiple layers of fabric to dry, hoping there wont be air bubble spots on the reverse side.
2. Shape. Finally achieved a compound curve, the shape I've been striving to achieve for months now.
3. Texture. I'm still playing with this one, and I think I've got it right on the next batch of white feathers.
4. Durable and still super light weight. Maybe not more durable than laminated fabric but certainly more crowd friendly. Flexible and forgiving.
5. Color. Okay so the black is still not as black as I would like. It's an issue of reflectivity. Real feathers reflect light in a manner which is extremely difficult to replicate accurately in black. This is why I started with black, knowing it would be more difficult to get a satisfying result than working with white.


  1. is there any way I could order a this. I fell in love with it the but could find where to buy it until now

    1. Hello, Yes! There is a way to order these "Sentinel" wings. Currently I am making them upon request. Please feel free to contact me at for more information.


  2. I'll admit that I was trying to find your secrets (as an obsessively detail-oriented person who wants to make working articulated wings that don't crush all the feathers), but looking at these pictures...

    Have you tried flocking? Especially near the center of each feather, for the black wings and any other color that's supposed to absorb light more than reflect it. And then maybe a stripe of (something light/reflective) metallic silver/white paint on the shaft? A layer of modge podge to make it specifically more reflective?

  3. do you still make these wings? how much do you charge?

  4. do you still make these wings? how much do you charge?