Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fairy Wings: Paint on Plastic

Experimental Fairy Wing Layers

Because angel wings simply aren't enough...

There seems to be quite a market for fairy wings. I figure while I'm already on a roll with getting an online store for angel wings I ought to add fairy wings to the collection as well. I don't plan on doing what's so widely available online though - which is bent wire frames sandwiched between layers of iridescent cellophane. This method of fairy wings making is beautiful but it's been done, over and over. Not wanting to be limited by the colors of cellophane I can find easily
I decided to add paint to the mix.

So right now I'm working on the fastest, easiest and most repeatable way to make painted fairy wings. The trick will be developing an method for achieving symmetry since everything is hand painted.


  1. I've still quite a ways to go with these though. The great challenge will be achieving detail & symmetry

  2. It would be wonderful if you could discuss what we're seeing the the four painting techniques above!
    I'm trying to make a pair of damselfly wings for myself, and am searching for techniques to paint markings them. There are a few tutorials online but the results are a bit crude for what I'm trying to achieve. But I love the textures you've produced above and would like to know how you achieved them so I can begin experimenting on my own! I just don't even know where to begin and I have limited $$ to spend on loads of supplies! Thank you!!! :)

  3. A couple of suggestions: 1. Using artists' oil paint will dry much more slowly for folding to duplicate, but oils dry very slowly. 2. Wire in the foam feathers in the shafts (and extending below the base) will give you something to fasten them with. If you are working life size (for human wear) maybe clothes-hanger wire.
    You work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. :)