Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angel Wings and Things

Angel Wing Back

The commissioned angel wings are coming along nicely. All of the hand-made feathers are completed and sewn into place. I’ve started to work on sewing down the layers of turkey and ostrich feathers now. I’m glad to say that this part of the process is going faster than anticipated now that I’ve got a system for doing it. I feel much less stressed now that I have one half of one of the wings completed. Now I’ll be able to start on the other commissioned pieces I’ve got on the backburner.

Valkyrie Helmet Parts

Like always, I have more than one project going on right now. There are two or three other commission pieces I need to start drafting up including a pair of fairy wings and possibly a life-casting project. Right now I give myself a break from all the wings by working on the Valkyrie costume here and there. The cuirass is still half completed, as I ran out of steam making all that piping, but I have amassed quite a pile of scrap junk and have started piecing together what will soon be a helmet…of sorts.


  1. Danielle,

    Beautiful work. I tend to check out your page about once a week to see if you've updated anything. I just wanted to give you props for a job well done.



  2. Thank you very much,
    I suppose I should really take the incentive to update more frequently. ^_^